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Go From
Positional  to Pinnacle

A title affords positional power.  Earned respect affords pinnacle power.  How do you close the gap most quickly?  

  • Listen

  • Value

  • Build

  • Resolve

  • Create


Many leaders take over a team and only bring the team together to have perfunctory introductions.  The next several meetings are downloads of what the leader wants, rarely collaborative, and often dictatorial.  

This style of leadership may result in some level of productivity, but will likely not lead to RESPECT.

LeaderSHIFT creates a better, more inclusive way to begin the journey of leading new teams.  Whether you are newly promoted or entering an organization as a seasoned leader with a new team, this program brings your team together more quickly by:

  • Aligning everyone around the team's vision

  • Strengthening bonds by better understanding personality and working styles

  • Discussing conflict BEFORE it arises

  • Helping the team to think as one system versus a disjointed unit

Do not go past 3 months in your new team without enrolling you and the team members whom you work most closely with for LeaderSHIFT.

The Pinnacle Awaits You!

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