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Group speaking engagements are the perfect way to inspire and motivate your team. Our experienced chief training officer will bring a powerful and meaningful message to your organization that will leave a lasting impact. With their expertise and enthusiasm, your team will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to take their performance to the next level.

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Our Services

Intentional Leadership

Intentional Leadership is the signature leadership training designed by The World Class Training Institute.  Offered in 6 sessions, This program arms leaders with everything they need to maximize their organization's greatest asset-human capital.

The Art of Conflict Resolution

Using Kilmann's Modes of Handling Conflict to evaluate the way that you tend to resolve conflicts most often, this session helps leaders unpack drivers that can be used to tap into all of the resolution modes and drive stronger relationships with team members.

The Delegation Dilemma

When a leader delegates a task, the responsibility of the leader does not end when the assignment is made.  Rather, a new leg of responsibility begins, one of review, development discussions, and, if all goes well celebration.  

The key to getting to the celebration moment is a careful selection of the responsible party, and follow-through as the task is being executed.  Many leaders lack the skill to delegate and end up stressed out and overworked.  Let us help you solve your "Delegation Dilemma".   Sign your teams up for this critical training for leaders.

Systems Thinking

The succinct connection of team members, both within the same department and across, is critical for organizations to thrive. Goal erosion, goal misalignment, escalations and other mishaps can become common place without thinking as a system.  Every part of the system must be in sync or failure can result.  The class is a must for team members to align around shared goals and processes.

Your 86,400-How to Spend It Wisely

A dollar can be returned tomorrow if given.  A minute is gone forever when spent.  We all have the same amount granted each day, but some people just seem to get way more accomplished than others.  If you want to know how you can be one of the time maximizers, sign them up for this.


Arguably the most-respected personality assessment to date, DiSC helps leaders to better understand why they behave the way they do, and equally as important, what drives others to behave the way that they do.  Training in DiSC is life-changing, for sure!

Performance Conversation Mastery

Having those difficult performance review discussions has kept many leaders awake at night.  While rarely easy, there are tools that you can use to make performance review discussions more palatable and helpful, for both you and the employee.  

Sign your teams up for Performance Conversation Mastery.  Remember, these conversations are not just for review time, but all year long.

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