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Still Your Way To Success

The Power of Stillness

When making bread from scratch, the yeast must sit for hours to rise.

When baking a cake, my mother always told me to not open the oven while the batter was baking because the cake might fall.

When toning abdominal muscles, the plank is one of the best options...period.  And for those who've never done it, try a 3-minute one.  Three minutes go quickly, until you use it to hold a plank!

The power in these aforementioned activities is not in the movement, it's in the lack thereof.

As we consider the past several days of Covid-19 where; the streets of cities in major states are still, the schoolyards are still, many restaurants are still, our churches are still, family members in and out of the house all day, passing each other and looking PAST each other has stilled, our minds must consider the power that exists therein.

When we are consumed with all that goes on in the world as we live our "normal" lives, we often miss the power of just being...still.

Just like the bread that rises, the cake that bakes to perfection or the abdominal muscles that become toned and tightened, our minds become sharper, clearer, brighter when we take time to rest in stillness.

This week, my ask is that you celebrate this time that has caused our nation to still itself.

Don't get nervous, get still.  It is in these moments that your greatest breakthroughs can occur.

Maximize the power of stillness.

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