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20 Hardcover Books-Unpacking AGAPE

20 Hardcover Books-Unpacking AGAPE

Language is communicated primarily through our behaviors.  In fact, it has been said that it accounts for 55% of our communication.  The language of leadership is best demonstrated by how one behaves, and leaders, great leaders, possess an organic leadership language.  That leadership language is steeped in agape love, selflessness, sacrificial care, and concern for others.  

With Unpacking AGAPE, The 7 Languages of Intentional Leadership, our Chief Training Officer explores the 7 critical behaviors of those who desire to lead well, selflessly and sacrificially.  To set the stage, the author begins by sharing her unique Intentional Leadership Model, helping the reader understand the differences between an individual contributor mindset and one who leads with intention or resolve.  It ends with an opportunity for you to take the Agape Leadership Assessment and determine your organic leadership language.

This book is a succinct masterclass on "walk like you talk".  If you want to be a leader of the highest esteem, let's get set to "unpack AGAPE"!


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